Wednesday, December 23, 2009

how you become a forex trader?

If you want to know how to become a Forex trader from home and make a valuable second income, then this article will point you in the right direction; simply follow the 3 simple steps enclosed and you can get on the road to Forex trading success.

First lets start with a simple fact - 95% of all traders lose money but they don't lose because they can't learn to trade, they lose because they make fatal errors in their approach. For example, a huge group of traders think they can get rich by making no effort and following a cheap robot but if these worked 95% of traders wouldn't lose money. To win you need to work smart and this leads me to my first steps to success.
Get the right Education.

You don't need to work hard or even be clever, you just need to use a simple Forex trading strategy. You can educate yourself about the markets in a week or two but don't fall for the myth, you can predict the market, you can't. You are simply trading the odds in Forex and that means, using a Forex strategy based on the following:

A simple Forex Trading Strategy based on the Reality of Price Change.
Your strategy should be based on just a few rules and parameters and should be very simple because - if you make it to complicated, it will have to many elements to break. Keep it nice and simple and trade the reality of price change and don't try and predict where prices may go.

A good strategy to use to trade Forex markets (which we have written on in other articles) is to follow and hold long term trends by buying breakouts to new highs. All the big trends start from breakouts and continue from them so, its a simple and timeless, strategy to seek long term gains with.

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