Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fundamental analysis of forex trading

No serious discussion of forex trading would be complete without talking about the subject of fundamental analysis, and it's bearing on the markets. Forex traders should always keep their "finger on the pulse" of what is going on behind the economic scenes of the various countries whose currencies they trade.
Fundamental Analysis can best be defined as the study of the underlying economic and political factors that influence a particular currency. The goal is to attempt to predict price action and trends by looking at many different economic indicators and governmental policies.

Fundamentals for a currency may include interest rates, central bank policies, employment figures, and Gross Domestic Product numbers. These statistics are made public on a regular basis by most governments, and are watched closely by the astute foreign exchange trader.

Why bother with fundamental analysis? The simple answer is because only by looking at the fundamental factors that influence currency prices can you gain an accurate long-term view of where the prices are going.
It gives you the "raw material" as to what is driving prices, but it still does not give a trader the entry and exit points of his individual trades. It will help the trader, though, in developing a plan based on his unique trading strategies and goals.

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